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“I find it impossible to think of a picture save as a window, and my first concern about a window is to find out what it looks out on… and there is nothing I love so much as something which stretches away from me out of sight.”
Andre Breton    

Hi, I’m Cheryl and I have been a professional artist for many, many, many years. I am always evolving, always changing, and always looking for new adventures in making art, living creatively, eating creatively, and connecting with other creatives. This blog is about all of the above and just stuff I want to share with you. Thanks for being here!

And now, Let the Story Unfold!

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Sunday was the opening reception for my first solo art exhibit in about 10 years and it was a very big dea

A Home With a View

Today’s poem is about this painting, which will be in the Bakersfield show. I had not considered writing for it before, however, it just made sense to keep this poetry thing going!

Resting in the Grace of Creation

So God as a creative woman is not a stretch for my imagination. I created this pencil painting Resting in the Grace of Creation, many years ago and the meaning has changed over time.

Castles in the Sand

I was reminded of a time when I was down at the beach during a sand castle competition. I marveled at the incredibly huge and intricate designs created out of sand and water.


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