Lottie Johl

She was just LottieOne of Bodie’s working girls.Her past colored her present and her futureShe could do nothing to change it. She married a respectablebusiness owner Eli Johl who wasA butcher and owner of the City Market.Yet, even that could not erase her past sins. How do you out live your past?Decisions made under pressure,OrContinue reading “Lottie Johl”

Life Passages- Take 2

At first, I saw this couple in the boat going into the tunnel of love, romance, and all. Eventually, it occurred to me that maybe this was a tunnel of complacency, not paradise, I wanted to push it further and talk about what life could be like if we think past a typical life experience and explore new paths.

Mystic Dreams is Now a Reality

First off, the show Mystic Dreams of Transformation has a little over a month left at the museum, till the end of May, just in case you wanted to see it in person. It is at Maturango Museum, 100 E. Las Flores, Ridgecrest, CA 93555.

What is it with those Black and White Floors?

Since the hanging of my latest exhibit at the Maturango Museum, which is truly an exciting event for me, there has been many questions and speculations about my using black and white tiles in perspective as the foundation for many of my works. And my thought has always been

Ghosts in a Darkened World

We all know that we need to make big changes. It’s kind of like knowing you need to lose weight and hoping a magic pill will arise so you don’t have to go on a diet and get more exercise!