Lottie Johl

She was just LottieOne of Bodie’s working girls.Her past colored her present and her futureShe could do nothing to change it. She married a respectablebusiness owner Eli Johl who wasA butcher and owner of the City Market.Yet, even that could not erase her past sins. How do you out live your past?Decisions made under pressure,OrContinue reading “Lottie Johl”

How I Deal With Life Overload

Are you on overwhelm yet?  I am I realized today. And the reason, I think, is not because there is more going on in the world today, it is that I am too tied into media because I am addicted again.  Yes, there are lot’s of horrible things going on. We are still dealing withContinue reading “How I Deal With Life Overload”

Being With Creative People Helps Me Stay Creative Too

The fabric store has been interesting. I really enjoy hearing about people’s projects, ideas, and gift ideas. It is fun to help them find fabrics, notions and such to help them make their projects happen. Their creativity is inspiring, and I am getting lots of ideas for when I have my sewing machine back and room to sew.

A Trip to the Beach and So Much More

Hello Everyone, Another busy week, actually it was insanely busy. Sort of like the dam broke and things were rushing in to fill the void. For the last few weeks it has kind of felt like I have been spinning my wheels, well I guess I wasn’t, things just needed to percolate. To start offContinue reading “A Trip to the Beach and So Much More”