It’s only a circle if you keep going over the same ground…

Hello again from the Portland area, hope you are well and finding your way in this new crazy topsy-turvy world.

A crazy week with almost no pictures! Seems like I am running in circles this last week. More accurately, I am running several marathons all at the same time. I know that makes no sense, it just what it feels like. Every aspect of this adventure to Oregon is a puzzle with multiple pieces to fit together and then all of those puzzles also have to fit together to make one finished vision. 

Because I had never been here before coming in July, I only had vague ideas of what it would be like and what I would find. Now I have more clarity and I see the vast amount of possibilities, some I had never considered before. What was my original vision is still there, focusing on creating beautiful art that brings joy is still my plan. Finding venues to share it is still in the plan. However, there are life pieces, like creating income and finding a living space and building a network that are complex and need to fit with that original vision. It takes time to find the right fit and you have to be open to options you might not even have thought about before. All of this is happening and it is all good. It’s just not all clear yet. And that is ok, it will happen. 

We went to a really wonderful art event on Saturday called Art in the Pearl. A premier art festival in the Pearl District of Portland which is an invitation only art event made up of artisans from around the country who are world class. So much inspiration, it was mind boggling. It is an event I will aspire to.

My booth at the Tigard Farmers Market

On Sunday I did my first Farmers Market in over 2 years! I participated in the Tigard Farmers Market which is very local and very small and it was great to be out again! A good first venture into selling art. There was lot’s of open fresh air and not terribly busy so the Covid issue was not major. I enjoyed meeting people again and sharing my process and making new friends. Art is often a connector and being able to share my art and the opportunities to teach art are very important to me. I love seeing peoples reactions. Smiles on faces as they explore each image. One comment that really made me happy was ” I am really appreciating the simplicity of your compositions, They are so peaceful” This is something I have been working on, just trying to give the viewer a restful place in this chaotic world we are in these days. I am looking forward to doing this market again in a couple of weeks. Start slow and build a plan. One of the pieces of the puzzle is coming together. 

Still teaching online on Thursdays and putting the classes together here locally for October. More puzzle pieces. Working on the living pieces as well. So things are good, lot’s to think about and create strategies for. However progress is happening. And I am loving being here in this amazing world. 

And then of course there are flowers. Lisa bought another bouquet at the Tigard Farmers Market with dahlias and sunflowers. Just stunning.

Dahlia Bouquet from the Tigard Farmers Market

I hope you have a spectacular week, thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate you sharing this journey with me!


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Thank you for taking a little time to get to know me. Making art has been my life, I love to tell stories through words and pictures. I am a multi-media artist working in photography, watercolor, various drawing media, and sometimes digital art.

6 thoughts on “It’s only a circle if you keep going over the same ground…

  1. Some years ago Rick and I explored Portland. There is a lovely public rose garden. While enjoying it(my nose in every rose checking scent), a lady rolled n a small harp and sat down to play. I had contacted their chamber of commerce who gave me a phone number for Agri-tours. I was interested in garden, chickens, and miniature mules. They made up an itinerary with each of these interests
    ( heavy on gardens). Each home or business had 45-55 minutes to view. A
    4-Her shared her chickens. The itinerary ended at an ethnic restaurant. A fun day. Also, check out Lan Su Chinese Garden.

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  2. So glad it is coming together! Nice that you had a Farmer’s Market experience after so long ❤ I hope you can do it again. Lovely flowers!!


  3. Sounds heavenly… delighted to hear you are in joying the great outdoors again and people
    appreciating your gifts!!

    with hugs and love


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