Just because things change doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep some things the same.

I love irises and I grow a certain variety of iris, of which I have many, that I have been growing for over 30 years. I got a few from my aunt back in the 80’s and I have spread them in several locations including a couple of other cities. The color is rich and regal and the blooms are big and very majestic. Do I know what its name is? No, sadly, I don’t.

I have photographed it and painted it and other varieties of irises many times and it seems I have to produce a new piece of art of an iris every few years. I have included five that I have painted over the last very many years and as you can see none of them are really alike. However, all of them are created with watercolor.

As I continue to think about simplifying my life, should I consider just painting one thing? Like just painting irises? There are so many varieties and colors would I get bored with irises? Many art gurus say that if you stick to one style or one subject you become known for that kind of art. Maybe it’s time for me to actually try that. I have spent my whole life making art, experimenting with style and subjects, genres and materials. Maybe in my quest for simplifying it makes sense to do that in my art as well. I’m not sure.

Right now I have a reputation for making art. If you didn’t see my name on it would you know it was by me? Good question. Asking for a friend 🙂
If making art was just a hobby that would be one thing and for many people that is the case. So by all means, paint, draw, sculpt, or whatever all you want, and whatever you want!

Would I have to make art of irises for the rest of my life even if I didn’t want to? No of course not, however if I stuck with it for a few years, I imagine that my imagination and creativity would find ways to make it new and interesting.

Over the years, I have been known for various kinds of art. Photographing abandoned places here in the desert. Before that I painted San Francisco landscapes and showed my surreal drawings. Before that I lived near the southern CA beaches so I painted the beach. Lately I have been painting food and produce. I have always been versatile however, I really do need to pick a lane…

We are often afraid of making a singular choice because we are afraid it will limit us, and yet I can see that my collector base has to change every time I change directions. Not a good marketing strategy. Making art is how I help support myself and learning how to market my art is important to me not just to pay for materials, but to also pay for groceries and other needs.

What I am starting to realize is that my skill level is to the point that I don’t need to keep trying new things. I really do need to pick a subject and delve deeper into the creative aspect of making new art. Making good art is more than knowing how to hold a paintbrush or lay down a watercolor wash.
I am pretty sure that I will continue drawing and painting botanical subject matter, as I have become more and more in love with nature. But how far I can limit myself beyond that remains to be seen. Maybe painting irises would be a good thing to experiment with?

As I get stronger and back to a more normal life, I am looking forward to finding a new life-style rhythm and maybe simplifying my art making would be a good idea.

I have used the word maybe a great deal in this post. Guess I haven’t made up my mind yet. What changes would you like to make in your life? Are you having the same trouble I am making a decision?

Thanks for reading and of course,
Have a happy day!


Published by cherylmcdonald

Thank you for taking a little time to get to know me. Making art has been my life, I love to tell stories through words and pictures. I am a multi-media artist working in photography, watercolor, various drawing media, and sometimes digital art.

8 thoughts on “Just because things change doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep some things the same.

  1. Beautiful Iris. Sorry I’ve been down with Covid pnumonia. Long covid. Meaning it comes and goes. Left me with lung issues. Good luck to you in Oxnard! That’s a great artists area. I’ll be in touch! Much love!❤Lorie Maloney.

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  2. Yes, you paint and draw botanicals very well. Love this latest look with the iris! One looks at a Van Gogh and it is obvious that is who painted it. Diego Rivera, the same from what I have seen (I’m not a professional). Good writers are more successful when they write what they know. So, work with what you enjoy doing – it will come through. Good luck with your art exhibit in Oxnard.


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