So Many Possibilites

Hope you are having a good week and staying cool, it seems that everywhere in the West is still having too much heat and drought and everywhere else is trying to stay above water, literally! Covid is continuing to be a problem for everyone, and masking inside seems to be something we should expect to continue for the foreseeable future.

I have had a busy week since I last wrote and am very excited about the possibilities available here in Oregon and I have only explored a few areas so far!

This week We went to McMinneville, Multnomah Village in Portland, and Hillsboro as well as exploring more of Beaverton.
In McMinneville, we had lunch at the Oregon Hotel and I had some wonderful fish and chips that were in an ale batter before frying with Cajun tator tots, with a fresh made coleslaw on the side. YUM! This hotel is part of the McMenamins chain of restaurants and hotels. Each one is unique and full of art and other fun features. This hotel had a roof-top bar that we wanted to check out but it was closed because of the heat so we will have to go back! Several art galleries there and the old time small town feel and friendly people were so enjoyable.

I am also in love with the countryside landscape and looking forward to exploring it. I found my first abandoned house to photograph just in time before it gets demolished! I think it might become a painting. Lots of wineries and small farms who have shops and farm stands that are on my list to explore also. Such a different landscape from anywhere I have ever lived, and I am really enjoying it.

Big city, suburbia is here, however it is surrounded by small towns and farms. Beaverton is full of parks, creeks, and lakes with walking paths everywhere.This is Summer Lake with a Blue Heron there in the middle. It’s a cell phone pic so not great. I will have to start carrying my camera everywhere!

Even though we had a heat wave again over the weekend (over 100 for several days) it felt cooler as we were surrounded by green plants and trees.
Many of the plants and trees here are really struggling with the heat and drought. Lot’s of things are burning.

I went to an amazing garden center too this week, speaking of plants. Al’s Garden Center is acres of gardening paradise. I found this very interesting begonia, called a Polka Dot Begonia. Very cool, but this 6” pot was $45 so not something I will be buying anytime soon, however the woman I talked to said that once they are planted they are very prolific and propagate more easily. Someday I will have polka dots in the garden!

Today I made a list of art galleries, places to show my art, and wineries, possible work locations to explore, which I will do later this week. And we are going to the Portland night market on Thursday to visit at least one art gallery opening. Art walks in various neighborhoods happen different days of the week monthly, so there is a never-ending opportunity to see art or participate in. I hope to be participating very soon.
I haven’t made it to the coast yet, but soon I will be venturing west to do that. Washington is on the agenda the middle of August. So much and I still have to keep making art! I am never bored!
So that is all for this week, I hope you all have a great week

I am off to find the next adventure!


Published by cherylmcdonald

Thank you for taking a little time to get to know me. Making art has been my life, I love to tell stories through words and pictures. I am a multi-media artist working in photography, watercolor, various drawing media, and sometimes digital art.

10 thoughts on “So Many Possibilites

  1. Hi Cheryl !

    OMG you are really making me want to move up there too ! Your photos and descriptions are fantastic. As far as the format…..since you asked……I’m old and old-school so I liked the original format better, but I understand you wanting to go to a more professional-looking presentation. Upward and Onward ! Vicki


  2. Some years back in Portland I contacted the Chamber of Commerce looking for info on gardens, miniature mules and chickens. They referred me to an Agriculture Tour business. They set up an agenda on line 45-55 minutes apart to visit homes and businesses in my areas of interest ending at an ethnic restaurant. What a great day.


  3. Nice blog. Maybe you can get a cutting of the Polka Dot Begonia. I had an “aluminum” begonia. Similar in appearance and fairly prolific. I visited McMinville. As I recall they have a aircraft museum. Oregon is nice. We miss you, but enjoy!


    1. The polka dot begonia was at a garden store, didn’t feel that it would be nice to take a piece off of a plant there. Felt like stealing 😂 The person I talked to did say they were very prolific, If I come across one elsewhere I will certainly take a cutting though. They were having an airshow at McMinville when we were there, but we were in search of other things. I did see the Museum, I think that is where the Spruce Goose is now. Will have to make a date to go see the museum. Glad you are enjoying the blog and I do miss all of you friends, Hoping I can make it to the 4d zoom later in the month. Thanks Penny for the comment!


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