Happy Birthday! I made it! Now Time to Move on!

My birthday was Monday. As I look back on the last year, all I can say is Wow! It has been a very eventful year and I have explored new places and experienced new challenges. Both of these things have had a huge impact on who I am and what I want for this next chapter of my life. If you want to know where I’ve been

I think We Need a Celebration. Are You Ready?

So with all that we have learned, I am thinking maybe it is time for us to get back to joy and celebrating the good in our lives and celebrating each other for all we have lived through and celebrating those we have lost along the way by keeping them in our memories.

A Rough Road in a Beautiful World

Well the best laid plans…
I will now have to change the name of this blog, because I was not able to drive up the 395 Hwy. The California fires were impacting the road. So I drove over to Bakersfield and took 99 to 5 and made it safely to Oregon. It was a very long drive to do in 2 days with 2 little dogs who were bedded down on the floor of the front seat of the car.