It’s Summer and Everything is Blooming!

Happy Monday All,

Hope you are had a good week. Again I am loving reading your comments on my posts and please feel free to email what you are up to as well. I love hearing from you.
Another full week of exploration. Art fairs, galleries, wandering the countryside seeing where things are. A train trip to Portland for the day. I will be doing lot’s of that, so much to see there. Next time I will take the camera. Could be next weeks blog, we will see what develops this week.
My sister and I have been taking lots of walks with the dogs, the weather has been warm, but not too bad. Today’s blog is on the wonderful finds of flowers and views along the way as we walk around the neighborhood and area park. So much is blooming here, Dahlias especially. There are so many varieties, also sunflowers of all sizes. There is a park here with trails for hiking and biking and the views are spectacular. Lots of weeping willows, along with trees of every kind. Also babbling creeks, lichen and moss on all the trees, and also birds and critters everywhere. I have created a slideshow to share some of these with you. Take a few moments to watch it and hopefully it will be a wonderful stress break for you it certainly does me good!

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a wonderful day full of little surprises that made the day very special. Like finding a flower vendor at the Tigard Farmers market that made the most beautiful bouquets. This big bouquet was full of Lilies, Peonies, Gladiolus, Dahlias, Sunflowers, and more! It was so reasonably priced and Lisa bought it for me for my birthday and we brought it home and I made 7 bouquets that we shared with some neighbors plus filled our house with delicious smells and views.

When we left the market we heard a band playing on the patio at a little bar across the street. Blues was filling the neighborhood. So we had to wander over and have a break to listen before we headed home. So much fun. Then I had a zoom meet up with my children after which we made pizza for dinner and watched the David Bowie art film The Man Who Fell to Earth. Bizarre and captivating as only Bowie can be. The ending to an awesome day.

On another note, I am starting my Watercolor Happy Hour Zoom Classes this week, Thursday, 4-6pm and if you are interested and didn’t get an invite let me know and I will send you one. The cost is $12 and you provide your own materials.

Hope you have an awesome week, stay cool and healthy.
Take care,

Published by cherylmcdonald

Thank you for taking a little time to get to know me. Making art has been my life, I love to tell stories through words and pictures. I am a multi-media artist working in photography, watercolor, various drawing media, and sometimes digital art.

6 thoughts on “It’s Summer and Everything is Blooming!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERYL ! The flowers ARE gorgeous ! You sure are making me want to travel around Oregon……you are having a fairy-tale adventure and finding all the places to visit that have art and beautiful nature……I am so entranced. I’m beginning to think you didn’t wait a minute too soon to plan your re-location because why miss another minute of the riches that you’re finding up there. It sure makes this desert look blah………..AND the cherry on top is your sister is there to welcome you and join you !

    Some day I hope to take one of your classes. Bob and Carol are going to take your upcoming one……they love taking them. And WOW is Bob ever a fantastic artist in his own right! I don’t have pencils and I don’t have watercolors. All I have is acrylic paints and I’ve never painted anything yet, but am hoping to this winter. I’ve got a small picture I want to use for my first one… looks easy for a first attempt.

    More Happy Trails Cheryl,



    1. Thank you Vicki for all your encouragement! I love working with Bob and Carol and I am so excited about their progress! If you want to take my class with your acrylics, I can help you with those too. They are not that different than watercolor. They are thicker and aren’t transparent, but those things can be remedied. Would love to have you join us!


  2. Happy belated birthday, Cheryl. Your photos and deliciously descriptive writing has my heart racing and my imagination on fire!!! Thank you for sharing your adventure and for throwing color on my bleak desert life. Those flowers – there are no words. So incredibly beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your adventure and bringing me along.


  3. Hi Cheryl,
    Happy Birthday! Oregon sounds like it’s agreeing with you! Love that you are enjoying your adventure and being open to what things may come your way. Your photos are beautiful. You certainly see more plant varieties due to the climate.
    We will see you Thursday for Watercolor Happy Hour.
    Chow for now,
    Bob & Carol


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