A Trip to the Beach and So Much More

Hello Everyone,

Another busy week, actually it was insanely busy. Sort of like the dam broke and things were rushing in to fill the void. For the last few weeks it has kind of felt like I have been spinning my wheels, well I guess I wasn’t, things just needed to percolate.

To start off with, I made a decision on a gallery. It was not the one I talked about last week, this is a much smaller gallery, which is more like a gift shop gallery. Opportunities to show and sell on a continuous basis which will be nice. They are participating in Open Studios mid October, and I have offered to do a demo on using various drawing media during the event. It is a well established gallery in a part of Portland that is fairly close to where I am staying. It’s called the The Village Gallery of Arts and it has been around for 58 years! I am going to an event there tomorrow and hoping to meet some new friends. Looking forward to using their classroom space as well. It is a good home base I think.

The next day I got a call on one of the jobs I had applied for and it appears I got hired for part-time work! I am going for training on Friday and will find out more. It is a local fabric store that looks like a lot of creative possibilities. So I will know more next week.

Then on Saturday my sister and I took a day trip to Seaside Oregon. I finally got to the beach. Although it was busy, most everyone was masked and we stayed outside mostly. I found another gallery to consider and will be talking to the owner soon. Seaside has a very fun boardwalk/street with lot’s of shops, galleries, restaurants and even some indoor amusement parks that have bumper cars and miniature golf. We had lunch at the Seaside Grill where they had a nice big outdoor patio. Dogs are very welcome in Seaside. They were everywhere. See the table next to us at the restaurant in the slideshow, they had 4 big dogs who all sat quietly under the table. So cute. Lisa took all these pictures. Yeah Lisa!

I will take another trip there in the winter to see what it is like. I might consider it as a place to live. I really love the coast and have missed living near the ocean. We shall see…

The other big event of the week was the presentation of a new family of squirrels in the back yard who are living in the Oak tree. There are 3 maybe 4 babies and I got a few pics and a crazy video of them the other day. Here is a link to the video.So much fun to watch!

Presenting the New Family of Squirrels!

I really need to get a better organizing system going for all the different aspects I am involved in now. I am going to be a very busy girl with not only activities but making art and cards and all the rest that goes along with being a professional artist. My mind is a little stressed these days, but that is just because it has been so long since I had activities and things to really energize me. It is sort of like when you haven’t exercised for awhile and then you start a new regimen. It takes your body and mind a little time to get used to the new activities and schedule. I am looking forward to that soon.

So I am at over 500 words and that is probably enough to share. I hope you are doing well and keeping busy. Thanks to all of you who wrote last week to tell me about your lives. Remember this is a public blog so if you don’t want your comment posted, please send me an email here cheryl@cherylmcdonaldcreative.com about your life and I will respond.
Have a happy day!

Published by cherylmcdonald

Thank you for taking a little time to get to know me. Making art has been my life, I love to tell stories through words and pictures. I am a multi-media artist working in photography, watercolor, various drawing media, and sometimes digital art.

5 thoughts on “A Trip to the Beach and So Much More

  1. Lucky you to be missing our forest fire smoke in Ridgecrest and Kern River Valley! Seaside is a nice little coastal town I visited a couple of years ago. Looked like a good place for artists. I’m enjoying reading about your adventures!


    1. It is awesome and I just heard from another friend in Inyokern about an amazing park that is near Canon Beach which is just south of Seaside. Thank you for reading and I always appreciate your support!


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