Passages in Life

There are days when everything goes as planned, granted they are rare. However, I have to admit that they do exist.

Most days are a mix of surprises, some positive and some not so positive, where I have to think on my feet, and because I spend most of my days alone with only two little dogs, I have to use my intuition and make decisions. This last week or so seems to be particularly full of spur-of-the-moment changes and decisions to make.
Now I am not a person who is particularly good at organization, I really have to work at it and lately, I have been doing pretty well at actually having a schedule. Since last Thursday, the program has been out the window and I am just going with the flow.

This digital painting is something I am working on, and I wanted to share it. It’s not done, at least I don’t think it is, and it has nothing to do with my life other than the fact that it appears that all these people are about to experience a transition to another dimension. I am calling it The Passage, and it is one of those intuition things that I am just going with the flow. Yes, I know I write a lot about transitions and change. Because that is what I see and experience these days.

I have been enjoying many new opportunities to explore, many of which are not things I have done before. Since I am a person who enjoys new adventures, sometimes I jump in before I completely think it through and just say yes, only to discover that oops, this is not a good fit and I am the wrong person to be in this situation and I have to back out as gracefully as possible. Other times it works out to be a perfect fit, sort of like a pair of shoes that looks uncomfortable but when you put them on you realize they fit your feet perfectly! And now you want to wear them every day and you have to adjust your wardrobe accordingly. This means that some of these new things mean I have to adjust my life and schedule accordingly to fit in a new thing. The organization has to be revised.

All of this is a roundabout way of apologizing for not having a poem and a blog out yesterday I don’t have a poem for this artwork yet, I am sure it will happen, but not yet. Just so you know, I do not plan to give these things up, however, I may have to adjust my schedule some. Anyway, I decided I still needed to put a blog out this week, and I decided to just wing it and write about the way life has a way of bringing us surprises that can be challenging, fulfilling, wonderful, or maybe not so wonderful. However, they change our lives and it is up to us to adjust and find our way either around them or incorporate them.

At this point, I am just trying to make sense of things and figure out if they are opportunities or distractions. I am asking for clarity and I am finding answers. It just feels like it’s time to start new things, Spring, growth, and new beginnings. So I am sorry for not being able to share more today, but it just doesn’t feel like I have enough information to make decisions yet, it will come.
I hope you are finding new opportunities that are positive and enjoyable, and I do hope you have a happy day!

I am doing my best to enjoy the ride.

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Thank you for taking a little time to get to know me. Making art has been my life, I love to tell stories through words and pictures. I am a multi-media artist working in photography, watercolor, various drawing media, and sometimes digital art.

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