Life Passages- Take 2

Are you going quietly and timidly
Into the next chapter
In your book of life?

Or are you pushing boundaries,
Creating quotable passages,
And pushing the limits,
Of what is perceived to be “normal”?

What would it look like
If you chose to skip the boat ride
To, a non-existent paradise
Created in your mind
Designed to hold you fast?

What would it look like to
Walk a new path, or
Explore avenues yet to be created?
Giving your soul what
It persistently asks for?

Courage is required to blaze new trails.
Discovery takes trial and error.
Yet, it is the only way
To build new bridges,
Climb mountains,
Or conquer fears.

The first step outside your comfort zone
Is the most difficult and well worth the leap.
Baby steps forward, build confidence.
Search for the tribe that builds you up
Instead of knocking you back to complacency.

Let go of doubts and fears
They have no place in your journey.
Write your story, live your story, share your story.
Be the inspiration to others,
You were looking for
When your journey began.

The trip to paradise can wait.

Cheryl McDonald 2023©

If you would like to hear me read this poem, please click below.

This year 2023, is a big milestone for me and many of my friends. We turn 70 this year. It is so true what you hear about time flying. Seems like yesterday we were all in high school trying to figure out how to be grown up. I have to laugh at that because it has been a process, and most of the time, I think I may never grow up. My birthday is in August so I am still a youngster, but it feels like a big transition year.

It has been, in many ways, for all of us because the pandemic and climate change finally being recognized have caused significant life changes for much of the world. I find myself feeling impatient like I am running out of time, realizing that I have not accomplished many things I thought I might and I have to say, more things keep getting added to that list as new ideas come almost every day!

I am making new art, creating new classes, building new relationships, and exploring new avenues. And I am excited to begin a new decade, I have a full agenda.
As I have been working on this digital painting this week it has evolved into a different statement than when it started. At first, I saw this couple in the boat going into the tunnel of love, romance, and all. Eventually, it occurred to me that maybe this was a tunnel of complacency, not paradise, I wanted to push it further and talk about what life could be like if we think past a typical life experience and explore new paths. This is not the path that is right for everyone and is not the only life path to explore. However, we are so often inundated with cultural marketing that builds very few life paths as acceptable, it can often be difficult to buck the system and follow your soul’s path. I remember in high school girls had pretty much a choice of being a housewife, a secretary, a teacher, or a nurse! It was only those who were willing to look beyond “normal” that were able to choose a different path, and it was hard to do. Now women can choose any career they want and that is as it should be.

There has been so much cultural warfare on life choices again! Why has LGBTQ hatred and racism become such an issue lately? We were making such progress! It is suddenly ok to legislate against difference again. I don’t want to live in the ’50s again. I like cultural variety, knowing people who see the world differently than me, is exciting and I love diversity. Gays and transgender people have no more choice of being something different than people of color have a choice in the color of their skin. They are not out to destroy your family, they are only wanting to live their own lives. Can we please get back to letting people live their lives, we were making progress and that seems to be slipping away. The world needs more love not less. So get out there and have a happy day and let’s find something real to fight instead of the culture war.

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Thank you for taking a little time to get to know me. Making art has been my life, I love to tell stories through words and pictures. I am a multi-media artist working in photography, watercolor, various drawing media, and sometimes digital art.

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