2023, what will it bring?

A brand new yearWhat adventuresWill there be? I have a list a mile long,How much will I accomplish In 2023? It gives no promisesYet lots of possibilities. Will there be new glimpsesInto old questions? If I take the blocksAnd rearrange themWill it bring new answers? Just a turn of the headCan bring a new perspective.NewContinue reading “2023, what will it bring?”

Life Goes On

This pencil painting, “Life Goes On” was done in 2015, which is about mid-point to this sojourn I have been on, and is part of the “Left Hanging in Space” Series.
The poem I wrote yesterday captures the sentiment and repeats that spark of hope.


Something about being dressed up makes me feel complete.
I’m not talking about putting on a facade or mask, which of course could also be a characterization of being “dressed up”. I’m talking about stepping in to your best self at this moment.

Take the Plunge

This pencil painting is about personal change. Feeling vulnerable and unable to see what’s next, but knowing that change is inevitable.
Sometimes the most important decisions about changing our situation are like that. We can only plan so much and there is always the chance that things might go awry.